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Softcover juz 19, 20, 21

Softcover juz 19, 20, 21

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Read the Quran, write the quran, memorize the Quran by tracing it

soerat - Fatiha / Al-Furqan / Ash-Shu'ara / An-Naml / Al-Qasas / Al-Ankabut / Ar-Rum / Luqman / As-Sajdah / Al-Ahzab 

Pages 362 / 421 

Care information

1. You must have WUDU (Islamic washing); it is not permissible for Muslims to touch the Quran when they have no Wudu.
2. Find a comfortable place where you are 100% focused
3. You can only use a Erasable gel pen to write in the Quran. If you made a mistake, you could remove it without damaging the Quran. DO NOT USE OTHER PENS!
4. Right to left. The writing direction is from the top right to the bottom left.
5. Always try to complete one Aya (Verse) before your stop writing.

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