Return Policy

What us the return period?

You always have the option to return your order within 14 days after the delivery date. Make sure to return the products unused, undamaged and with the attached labels. Keep your return receipt until we have processed it.

it is not possible to return your purchase if you have used discount codes.
sale cannot be returned either.


Within what period will my return be processed?

  • Return processing takes a maximum of 14 working days after the delivery date.
  • When the return has been processed, the purchase amount will be refunded as follows:
  • iDeal / Bancontact or any other: The amount will be returned to your account within five working days.

PAY ATTENTION! Returned items are your responsibility until they arrive at our warehouse. So make sure they are properly packed and will not get damaged along the way. Always request proof of shipment from the service point. 


Can i exchange my items?

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to exchange an item.  Place a new order.

Return conditions

  • Returns are only possible in the return period of 14 days.
  • The risk of shipping are for your own account
  • We only accept returns if they are returned in their original condition, including labels & packaging. Damaged and / or used items will be refused and returned.
  • Without a track and trace code, no investigation will be started into missing returns. So keep in mind that proof of shipment with track & trace code is a requirement to qualify for a refund.


I have not received a return form, What now?

  • That’s no problem! here it is 


Modelformulier voor herroeping

(dit formulier alleen invullen en terugzenden wanneer u de overeenkomst wilt herroepen)

 Aan: [ naam ondernemer]

[ geografisch adres ondernemer]

[ faxnummer ondernemer, indien beschikbaar]

[ e-mailadres of elektronisch adres van ondernemer]

  •  Ik/Wij* deel/delen* u hierbij mede, dat ik/wij* onze overeenkomst betreffende

de verkoop van de volgende producten: [aanduiding product]*

de levering van de volgende digitale inhoud: [aanduiding digitale inhoud]*

de verrichting van de volgende dienst: [aanduiding dienst]*,


  • Besteld op*/ontvangen op* [datum bestelling bij diensten of ontvangst bij producten]
  • [Naam consumenten(en)]
  • [Adres consument(en)]
  • [Handtekening consument(en)] (alleen wanneer dit formulier op papier wordt ingediend) 

* Doorhalen wat niet van toepassing is of invullen wat van toepassing is.